Apple Officially Dumps Flash from Mac OS X

Apple has made its decision to kick Adobe’s Flash out of the Mac OS X official. On Oct. 23, the company announced it won’t include Flash in Mac OS X bundles anymore. The Mac Book Air will be the first Apple product with no Flash components built in.

Apple has had a public conflict with Adobe for quite some time and has announced it will no longer use Adobe products such as Acrobat, Reader and PDFs. The reason for not using Adobe products isn’t entirely clear.

Although Apple’s efforts to create a Mac App Shop where users can purchase Apple software indicate that Apple probably wants Mac users to use its proprietary products. This would translate into more money for Apple and a profitable new market. Steve Jobs has said the Mac App Shop should be online for Snow Leopard within 90 days, screen shots of a mockup of it have been posted at the Apple website.

The creation of the Mac App Shop would theoretically put Apple into competition with Adobe in the software business. Obviously Mac is trying to get an edge on its competitors. Expect antitrust actions against Apple over this in the near future.

Flash and Adobe Isn’t Totally Gone from Mac
Although they no longer have Apple’s official seal of approval, Flash and other Adobe products aren’t officially gone from the world of Mac OS X. Mac users can still install adobe products themselves.

Apple spokesman Bill Evans told reporters that Apple will be “happy to support Flash” on older Mac products. He said this means the latest Flash versions from Adobe will be available to Mac users with existing Flash products.

Adobe Security Upgrades for Mac OS X Will Stop
Apple will stop supplying Adobe security upgrades to Mac OS X users as part of its regular security patch process. This could be a concern for Mac OS X users because it could leave their Adobe products vulnerable to Malware and hackers.

This means that Mac OS X users will have to monitor Adobe’s security blog and download security upgrades direct from Adobe itself. It could be possible for Mac OS X users to sign up for security upgrades from Adobe itself.

Adobe has announced plans to create an automatic security upgrade for its products on Mac OS X. It isn’t known when this feature will be available but Adobe should announce it on its website.

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