Mac App Store Coming

Apple is trying to take a lot more control of software development and users of the Mac OS X with its Mac App Store. The Mac App Store would be a website where apple users could download software for Macintosh and devices running Mac OS X like people download apps from app store.

Such a website would certainly make things easier for Macintosh users. A person who wanted to add a function such as a writing program to their desktop would simply download it directly from Apple.

This could place serious limits on the freedom of software developers trying to create Mac desktop applications. It would also make it harder for independent developers to create and sell new programs for Apple products.

App Store is New

Exactly what a Mac App store would look like or how it would function is not entirely known. Steven Jobs announced the creation of an App store for Snow Leopard in October. The Mac App store could make life easier for IT technicians and others because all they would need to do to get new App products would be to log onto the App store.

Jobs also announced that there would be an App Store for the new Mac OS X Lion which will be coming in summer 2010. The details of Lion aren’t available yet it’s probable that Lion will be designed to function with App Store.

Jobs could definitely be onto a major new cash cow here. People who are used to downloading Apps for their phones will be willing to do the same for their computers. The growing number of small business people and persons working at home will need software for their computers and constitute a huge potential market for Mac App Store.

There could also be a big corporate market for the Mac App Store as well. Some companies could conceivably outsource their IT to the Mac App Store.

Previews of Mac App Store Online

There are some snapshots of the Mac App Store online at the Apple website. These screenshots show what looks like a basic ecommerce website with icons for a variety of Apple programs that visitors can presumably click on and buy.

Programs in the mock of the App Store now on display at the Apple site include iPhoto, Pages, Roll Em, Garageband, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, Color Studio and Fast Lane. Presumably all of these programs would be available at the App Store when it goes online. Mac OS X users should stay tuned because App Store is going to be a very interesting development in the world of Mac.

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