Mac OS X is Vulnerable to New Trojan

The growing popularity of social working is leaving devices and computers operating on Mac OS X increasingly vulnerable to tapeworms, viruses, Trojans and other kinds of Malware.

A java based Trojan called trojan.osx.boonana.a is infecting both Mac OS X and Windows based devices, website Ars Technica reports. The Trojan is getting into Apple devices through social networking applications such as Facebook. A security company called Secure Mac told the site that the Trojan hides in a Facebook message labeled “Is this you in the video?”

When a person takes the bait and opens the Facebook link it activates a Java applet. This applet lets the Trojan install a program that can bypass all of OS X’s security measures, Ars Technica reported. The security measures the program can get around include password verification.

If that wasn’t bad enough this Malware can actually crack user accounts and spread through Mac networks as spam. This means that trojan.osx.boonana.a could infect an entire Mac network or a Mac OS X server from one visit to Facebook.

Protecting Mac OS X Systems from Malware
It is known who created this Trojan but it looks like one of a new breed of sophisticated and destructive Trojans that appear to originate overseas. This new class of Malware could have been created by foreign governments or professional criminals for espionage and other nefarious purposes.

To protect their systems, Mac OS X users will now have to take the kind of security precautions that Windows users have long undertaken. In particular some organizations may have to limit the use of social networking at work.

Persons will have to be more careful in the messages and e-mails they receive. Regular updating of security software such as firewalls could help protect against such malware.
So will regular scans of the system for malware.

Monitoring of websites and the media for news about new Trojans and other kinds of Malware can also help Mac users learn what’s out there and take precautions. Apple itself will also undoubtedly release fixes to combat Malware and other security threats.

It professionals who work with Mac OS X will have to take more security precautions and pay much more attention to security measures. Internet searches on trojan.osx.boonana.a could help individuals find fixes to it.

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