Mac OS X Lion Coming Next Summer

Apple should release the next generation version of Mac OS X which is tentatively called Mac OS X Lion sometime in Summer 2011. The exact date of the release has been determined but Steve Jobs said the release should come next summer at his October 20 press conference.

Jobs told reporters that OS X Lion will have many of the same features as the other Apple operating system iOS. This probably means that Lion will function much like the iOS operating system found on Apple Mobile devices. This means that people familiar with iOS should have an easy time finding their way around on Lion.

It could also provide greater connectivity between Macs and devices such as iPad or iPods. Jobs could be anticipating the growing use of tablets like the iPad in business. It could also show what the next generation of Apple mobile devices could look like.

Jobs hasn’t made any announcement about computers that would be based on Lion. It is a safe bet to assume that Apple will release Macs, laptops, tablets and other devices designed to run on the new operating system.

More Downloadable Mac OS X Apps Coming
The biggest feature of the Lion will be the ability to download apps much like iPod users can. This could be Apple’s attempt to counter Google’s online software. Google is trying to compete with Microsoft by offering a wide variety of online programs including document and business software.

Apple could be moving into this field with apps that could be easily downloaded for business and other purposes. Apple has already made money with its App Store for iPod. Jobs is looking to cash in further by launching an App Store for Mac.

Mac App Store
Jobs announcement indicates that a Mac App Store will be up and running within a few moths. Mac users would be able to download new programs and apps for their computers much as iPad users now download songs.

How this will affect Mac users and IT professionals is hard to say. The major target of these apps could be small business and home office users. In particular people who need reliable computers but don’t have a big IT budget.

Another big market for these apps could be the corporate market. Instead of relying upon an IT department, companies could simply buy Mac products and download the apps that they need. The users would pay for Apps as they bought them.

A Mac app store is planned to go into business for Snow Leopard users within the next 90 days, Jobs announced. What this App store will look like is unknown but it should be exciting. The next generation of Mac OS X will be even more interesting.

Lion would presumably designed to make it easy to run apps from the Mac App store on Macs. This could become the preferred business model for the software industry if it is successful.

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