Mac OS X Users Facing More Security Threats

It looks like Mac OS X users are going to have to start taking all the kind of security precautions long familiar to Windows users. Malware is getting increasingly sophisticated and is now often capable of penetrating systems running on Mac S X.

The trojan.osx.boonana.a Java Trojan can penetrate Mac OS X systems through Facebook and install programs that can penetrate most of Mac OS X’s security. This Trojan is particularly bothersome because it can actually send copies of itself to other users on Mac OS X networks and servers.

This Trojan is only the latest example of a new breed of Malware that takes advantage of security holes in Mac OS X and other Apple systems. It is a perfect example of how sophisticated and powerful today’s Malware has become. From just one Facebook link this Trojan can get around Mac OS X’s security.

Unfortunately, trojan.osx.boonana.a is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds perhaps even thousands of such malicious programs out there targeting Mac products. Many of these threats are unreported and some of them can lay dormant for weeks or even months.

Protecting Mac OS X from Malware
Mac users are going to have to take a wide variety of precautions to protect themselves from the new Malware. Like Windows users they may have to go to Apple on a regular basis for fixes and patches.

Installing a good anti-virus program and a firewall could also help Mac users. Another precaution to take would be to periodically run a search on Malware targeting Mac OS X. Then look for fixes and tips on how to keep it out.

There are some simple and basic precautions that anybody can take to protect themselves. Don’t open any strange e-mail or e-mail from anybody you don’t know. The same precaution should be taken with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Another avenue of attack is Mac OS X devices such as iPads or iPods that could be connected to a Mac. Malware increasingly targets these devices because their security precautions are limited.

Organizations that use Mac networks would be well advised to keep employees from connecting such devices to office computers. Limiting such use can limit an organization’s exposure to Malware.

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