Secrets of Mac OS X

As almost any Mac OS X veteran knows there are supposedly lots of secret features to Mac OS X. The truth of course is that most of these “secrets” aren’t really secrets they’re just rarely used or little known features most users don’t take advantage of.

There are quite a few websites out there that claim to contain lists of these secrets. Persons visiting these and looking for the secret features should be careful because not all of these are accurate or updated.

Another concern is security the claims about secret features could just be a clever ruse to let hackers and malware into your operating system. You should be leery any list of secrets that has instructions for changes to your security.

Something to remember is that Steve Jobs has prohibited hidden Apps and Easter Eggs. This means that any of them on Mac today could be illegal and could contain some sort of Malware.

In particular beware of any e-mail telling you how to install or open up a hidden Easter Egg or Secret. There’s a good chance it’s something nefarious trying to get in.

Easter Eggs

These are basically hidden programs that trigger a variety of screen effects. They’re not very useful but a lot of fun. It would probably be a good idea not to tell practical jokers about these because they would be a good practical joke.

My personal favorite is the “blue screen of death” a lot of Mac users switched to Apple because of that infuriating PC trait. Some evil genius out there has apparently figured out a way to add it to a Mac. To find this you will have to connect a Snow Leopard network to a non-Mac PC. An icon should appear under devices that looks like an old CRT with the blue screen of death on it. Click on this for your least favorite PC trait.

Most of the Easter Eggs aren’t allowed in later versions of Mac OS X like Snow Leopard. However, people are spending time developing them so look around.

You’ll probably need an older version of Mac OS X to run most Easter Eggs because they’re blocked out. There are however developers who put them in.

If you want some fun with Mac OS X you might try a few of these out.

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