Snow Leopard: Buying and Installing It

The good news is that it is really easy to find Snow Leopard Mac OS X and updates for it on line. A person who shops around on Amazon can get Snow Leopard 10.6 OSX update for as little as $29.

Mac OS X version 10.6.3 can be found for sale on Amazon. The standard price is $29 but there are some deals that can get a person this version for $25. These deals aren’t listed at Amazon but it’s a pretty good price anyway.

There’s also a family pack which is basically Snow Leopard for five computers. This would be a perfect solution for a family or for a small business. The Family pack is a really good deal because it’s currently selling for between $41 and $46 at Amazon.

There’s also a Mac Boxed Set that contains Snow Leopard, iLife and iWork disks. Amazon is offering some steep discounts on. It was selling for $111 when I checked even though the list price was $169. Some other distributors were selling the box set for as little as $94.

A newer version of the Mac Boxed Set with updated software is selling for about $129 at Amazon. This version would be perfect for somebody who is trying to set up a Mac. It could also be used to upgrade an older Mac.

The boxed set also features iMovie, iPhoto, Garage Band in iLife and Pages, Numbers and Keynote in iWork. Interestingly enough the versions of the iLife programs are for 2011 while the iWork programs are still in the 2009 version in the one currently being sold on Amazon.

Installing Snow Leopard

Any system with Mac OS X on it should be able to run Snow Leopard. Upgrading to Snow Leopard might not be that good of an idea; however, the latest version doesn’t run quite a bit of Adobe software because Apple isn’t loading Adobe products anymore.

Installing Snow Leopard would give people access to some of the latest Mac features including the Mac App Store which is designed to come online soon. How this program will work with older Macs running Snow Leopard remains to be seen.

There are some restrictions Amazon it appears that Amazon is only shipping the latest versions of Snow Leopard and the Boxed Set in the US.

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