What is Mac OS X?

Basically Mac OS X or Snow Leopard is the latest operating system for the Macintosh and other Apple Devices. Apple is the only computer company that has its’ own operating system. The other computer manufacturers use systems such as Microsoft Windows, Unix or Linux.

Mac OS X or Mac OS 10 is the latest version of the Mac operating system. Like Microsoft, Mac puts out a new version of its operating system on a regular basis. Each version of this system has the name of a different big cat. The last version released was Snow Leopard.

A major difference between Mac OS X and other operating systems is that OS X is based on Unix rather than Windows structures. This is why many Windows applications will not work on Apple products.

Mac OS X Server
Mac OS X is proprietary which means it can only be used on Mac products. Mac OS X has its own server, or Mac OS X server. This server enables Mac users to create networks of Macs with internal features such as mail transfer and a domain server. Mac OS X Server products come preloaded on Xserve Server hardware.

Mac OS Server looks just like the Mac OS desktop so it is fairly easy to use. It can be used to coordinate workgroups of Mac users. Mac OS Server can be run on the vast majority of Apple computers sold today.

Specialized Versions of Mac OS X
There are a number of specialized Mac OS X for the several difference Apple devices on the market today. There are Mac OS X systems for the iPad, IPod, IPod Touch and the new Apple TV product. Each of these systems is similar in architecture to the ones for the Macintosh and other Apple computers.

The Apple TV is a new device that allows people to download television programs and movies directly from the internet to their TV set. It is similar to devices being by Netflix and other companies. Although it doesn’t look like one the Apple TV is essentially a small computer connected directly to a TV set.

Given Apple’s legendary creativity is highly probable that specialized versions of Mac OS X for many other devices will appear in the years ahead. This means there is a very big and bright future for this operating system.

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