Apple and Oracle Cooperating on Java for Mac OS

Apple and Oracle are now cooperating to bring Java back to the Mac OSX operating system. Even though Apple has stopped using Java on new versions of Mac OSX it is working with Oracle to make future versions of Mac OSX accessible to Java.

Business software giant Oracle and Apple have announced that they are working together in something called the Open JDK Project. The Open JDK Project is apparently an attempt to develop an open source version the Java Platform Standard Edition.

Apple has or will apparently make the source code that would let JDK’s developers integrate their project into Mac OSX available to the Open JDK Project. Since the Project is apparently run by or connected with Oracle this would make Oracle software accessible to Mac.

There is no word on whether this will lead to Oracle products being available from the Mac App Store. Apple is supposedly developing a Mac App Store where customers can buy and download popular software.

Since Oracle sells mostly to business clients this may not be a likely scenario but you never know. One possibility is that Oracle products could be made available through the Mac App Store to businesses that use the Mac.

One interesting dilemma facing many IT departments is that many companies have a few employees that use Macs. This can create headaches because the majority of users at the same company use Windows.

Apple and Oracle could be trying to solve this or at least make it easier for Mac users to access the Oracle products. Oracle is the dominant specialty software provider in a number of businesses including the financial and accounting sectors.

Another possibility is that Oracle could be developing a line of products for small business people and those who work at home. A growing segment of the market in the United States is employees who do their jobs from home via computer. Many of these individuals need access to company systems many of which run on Oracle products.

Quite a few American companies are pushing work at home because it reduces costs. Oracle and Mac could be planning on an App Store for business users to tap into this growing market.

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