Mac App Store is Finally Here

The long awaited Mac App store is finally here. The App Store finally opened for business on Jan. 6, 2011 after several months of the usual Apple hype.

The App Store seems to have been successful so far, on Jan. 22, Apple announced that 10 billion applications had been downloaded there so far. The App Store provides a mix of free and paid applications for Mac OS computers.

The idea behind the App Store is to make buying and downloading applications and programs for Mac OS as easy as downloading Itunes Since iTunes and wireless Apps have been a huge moneymaker for Apple the coming of the Mac App store was inevitable.

Mac App Store for Developers

The most interesting thing about the Mac App Store is that could be a huge opportunity for developers of Mac OS software and applications. Apple does let developers put programs on the App store if they pass its tests.

The current deal Apple is giving developers at the Mac App store is actually pretty good. Developers will pick the price for the App and keep 70% of the revenue earned from it. The revenue is dispersed to developers in the form of a monthly payment. Apple is currently charging not credit card, hosting or marketing fees for developers. It also lets persons post free apps there free of charge.

This means that the Mac App Store could be an excellent revenue stream for Mac OS developers. It must be noted that Apple could change its mind and fee structure in the future.

Apple places quite a few restrictions on programs before they go live at the Mac Store. Apple will review programs and reject them. Java and PowerPC code are currently banned from the App Store because they’re susceptible to hackers.

All Apps at the App store will also have to meet Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for Macintosh. This means that anybody is thinking of developing for the Mac App Store had better do a lot of research into it before designing their App. A little homework could make life a lot easier for Mac App Store developers.

Developer Program

Apple is also offering a Mac Developer programmer for OS developers. This program offers support and resources needed to design programs for the App store. It currently costs developers $99 a year to join. This doesn’t seem like that good of deal.

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