How Does Mac OS X Stand Up?

The temperature of the fight between users of Mac OS X and Windows is like that of a Holy War. To them it is either “Mac OS X rules!” or “Mac OS X stinks!” while the Linux people sit on the side lines and snicker. Who is righat? It is not that simple.

First some parameters need to be established or you are asking a question like “What flower is the pretties?” There is no answers to that because it is entirely subjective so for are purposes we are talking about client platforms. Hun? That just means the OS that a user would use at work, while traveling, or at home. Right away that eliminates a lot of platforms like Unis. This leaves us with three systems left. Those would be Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Each one has its pluses and minuses.

We can start with the Windows family. It is the most used of the client platform but is that enough? It is not the easiest system to load. It is a very large set of files but it still faces driver issues that can take a while to weave through on a fresh install. Yes, there are tons of software for Windows but now almost anything you would want to use comes in a Mac for as well. As for it working the way you want or need it to you just have to hope. Windows holds their code very close but it is still the targets of most hacking attacks. There are also stability issues but every system is going to have a few.

Next is Linux. Its open source nature makes it popular with programmers and is the best platform for the price, it is free. The code its self is so small you could store it on a watch but when you start adding the extras you get more power. You also have access to 10’s of 1000’s of developers software that has been written for it. What is the downside? While Linux has come a long way it is still a little hard for a novice.

Then you have the Mac OS X. They build all of their machines so the quality stays high and there are no driver issues. Not only can you use a Mac version of a windows product but they also have a large in-house library. Because the components were designed to work together the graphics are unquestionably the best. It has few problems with stability. When you stack Mac OS X against the others it will shine above.

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