It Is Time To Work On The Go With The MacBook Air

When you travel in your work you have to have a laptop but does it sometimes feel like you are dragging around a desk top with only have the power and a battery that goes dead so fast you feel like you are racing the clock? Do your movies or graphic heavy applications look like they were done in stop-motion animation? Then it is time you work on a MacBook Air. It is beyond just being a laptop.

These are top of the line machines so have no illusion that they will set you back a bit but not because they are over priced but simply because they are so well done and feature rich. It comes in two sizes, an 11 inch and a 13 inch size but both are only 7/10th of an inch thick and both weigh under 3 pounds. They are able to keep such a small size because they use flash drives, no cd’s or dvd’s but they can borrow a cd or dvd drive from another computer if need be. Many of the features are the same on both the 11 inch and the 13 inch but some are a little different so we will use the ones from the 13 inch model, it will speed things up.

When you are using a MacBook Air it will seem like a desk top, The video is NVIDIA so it is as good as it gets. The flash memory comes in sizes up to 256 Gib with processor speeds to 1.82 GHZ and 4 MB of ram and a huge bus. That is very fast!. Your keyboard is full sized, the mouse pad is glass and you have both WiFi and bluetooth and stereo. It even has a camera for those late night calls home.

These machines are also very eco-friendly. They have no PVC or BFR and the glass is arsenic free. The cases are aluminum so recyclable. The display uses no mercury. The only way to make them greener is to make them solar powered.

These are not the cheapest laptops out there at between $999 and $1599 but the quality they are made with and the performance that they give makes them worth the money. Now you will almost want to go on the road.

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