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Adobe on Snow Leopard What Works and What Doesn’t

Contrary to popular belief some Adobe products do work on Snow Leopard. There are some pretty serious limitations to Adobe on Snow Leopard because of Apple’s decision not to load Adobe anymore. There are also ways to get some of the programs to work.

What Adobe Products Work on Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6?

* Adobe Acrobat Professional- The Adobe reader apparently will work on Snow Leopard and open most PDFs unfortunately the PDF Printer doesn’t work. This means that you can’t use the PDF printer to turn documents to PDFs, save documents as PDFs or convert documents to PDFs. Create PDF apparently works for some files but not forever. From what we’ve heard you can turn JPGs and PNGs into PDFs.

* There is a rumor floating around that the Adobe PDF Viewer Safari Plug In no longer works in Snow Leopard. This means that people use the popular Safari billing software might not be able to view bills and other documents in Snow Leopard.

* Adobe After Effects. This seems to be have been thrown off completely and no longer works, probably because it uses Flash. Some earlier versions of this do appear to work.

* Adobe Cold Fusion: From what we’ve heard Snow Leopard won’t install this anymore. It apparently blocks it out.

* Adobe Creative Suite: Version 4 is apparently supported by Adobe. Other versions might work using Rosetta.

Adobe Dreamweaver: The File Transfer no longer works.

* Adobe Flash Player: Snow Leopard apparently installs an older less secure version of this. Adobe is apparently working on an automatic update that will add its latest security to this. Check Adobe’s site for updates to the security.

* Adobe PhotoShop: Different versions of this seem to work on Snow Leopard. Others don’t PhotoShop 7 reportedly crashes during startup. PhotoShop CS seems to work with Rosetta. CS2 and CS3 reportedly don’t work at all. PhotoShop Element 4 & 6 work fine with Snow Leopard. PhotoShop Elements 3 Has been reported to crash unexpectedly.

* Adobe Reader: This one seems to work fine but a fresh install from Adobe could be needed.

Other Adobe Programs and Problems

The best course of action when trying to run an Adobe program in Snow Leopard would be to go to Adobe’s website. Adobe is offering fresh installs and Mac OS X friendly versions of some of its programs. Automatic security upgrades for some products including Flash Player are supposedly in the works as well.

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